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Scientific Research Achievements
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Jiaojian relies on its technical center, keeps introducing new technologies, processes and equipment, continuously improves its ability to innovate its technology, strengthens efforts to introduce researchers, invests more on development, supports technical development, narrows the gaps with international advanced technologies, seizes the technical commanding height, and grows into a teaching and research base of Shandong University of Science and Technology and China University of Petroleum. Recently, Jiaojian has introduced some advanced technologies from overseas countries, such as concrete ultra height pumping technology, steel and concrete composite structure technology, green engineering technology, BIM technology. On the basis of these newly-introduced technologies, Jiaojian carries out its independent technical innovation, develops its own technologies and standards, keeps improving its ability to innovate technologies. Jiaojian has achieved great successes in technical innovation and significantly enhanced its technological innovative ability. As of today, in terms of technical innovation, Jiaojian has yielded substantial results and has significantly improved its ability. The center has witnessed more than 210 innovation achievements involving new technologies, processes and products, of which 35 reach the domestic leading level; the center has been granted 120 scientific and technological awards, including National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology; the center has been granted 124 patents, of which 8 are patents for invention; the center has developed and completed more than 150 provincial level construction methods; it has taken main responsibility in editing 1 national standard and 12 enterprise technical standards; one employee of the center was awarded as Foregoer of Shandong Enterprises Technical Innovation. 

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